Fuel Freedom!

Gas prices across the country have reached new heights and unfortunately they are only expected to further increase these coming summer months. At this time, most are wondering if we will ever again find relief in our gas expenditures or if we will continue to feel the tightening in our wallets.

Due to the increase in gas prices a lot of consumers are starting to change their driving habits or are turning to Electric cars, such as the new ZAP Smart Car.

Never heard of ZAP? ZAP stands for Zero Air Pollution and runs strictly on electricity. Yep, that means no gasoline is required and no oil changes! ZAP estimates that a consumer would only spend one cent per mile driving a ZAP vehicle versus an average vehicle which costs about ten cents per mile using gasoline. If you are not interested in driving a full electric vehicle, they also manufacture scooters and bikes.

In addition, the company also carries innovative models such as the Obvio ! 012, which runs on a mixture of ethanol, gasoline or natural compressed gas or pure ethanol. The car will seat 3 passengers and capable of reaching a top speed of 160 mph.


All of the cars have a very fun ‘unique’ design which borderlines futuristic and stylish. They are absolutely eye-catching, odd-shaped, and they are definitely a line of cars that will get you noticed.

A nice thing to note, is that Zap is also pledging to plant 1 million trees worldwide within 3 years. With each customer who donates $25.00 for every electric car they purchase OR with each individual who donates (no purchase necessary) $25 to the project, Zap will plant up to 200 trees!

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  1. What makes me want to burst into tears is the fact that most gas stations would do everything in their power to stop this type of car from succeeding. Then you have those individuals, who’d like to have a Lexus, and they worked hard for a Lexus, and by God, they’ll have a Lexus whether it pollutes the air or not.

    What do we do about these issues?

    -Trew Life.com

  2. I think this actually highlights a lot of the complexities in changing to become eco-friendly. Our society is currently built on a certain foundation. Trying to change that foundation will be painful and will have downsides for some people. That doesn’t mean it’s wrong (not saying that that is what you are saying). You have to also understand that some people have few/no other options but to continue in the job/business they are in and so of course they choose to put food on the table for their family rather than what would be seen as the greater good.

    As for the person who wants the Lexus, I think that is something needs societal changes to address in the sense that you need to make people WANT a hybrid, or NOT want a luxury gas guzzler. For awhile here in California, the IT car was the Prius. And you had people who laughed at people who owned a Hummer. I think we need to find a way to ridicule, as a society, those who are not eco-friendly. That should solve that problem :)

    Too bad it seems that change comes slowly. But I definitely do see the changes coming…..better late than never.

  3. Good question. The exciting news it that there has been a positive shift in the popular media to become ‘green’. More and more individuals are becoming increasingly aware of how humans are changing the environment drastically in a negative way. Builders are starting to make ‘green’ homes, the government extended another year to allow U.S. citizens to get tax credits for solar panels, and Toyota is selling lots of hybrids. Many manufacturers are shifting gears. I hope this trend continues. For how long will it? I’m not sure. I’m pretty sure most people are starting to give a damn about the ‘environment’ because of gas/energy prices. As for the people who want their Lexus? I have a feeling that eventually Toyota will develop more stylish hybrids for their customers.

    Keep the comments coming! :)

  4. I hope so, because I feel very sorry for the next few generations, the way things are going now.

    I just see American as this place where our King (the Government) is only concerned about money.

    “As long as we can have a yacht, we are a-okay with causing the world to become desolate when we are dead and gone,” it seems like they say without words.

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