Greener Navigation System


Installing a navigation system has its pluses, especially the fact that it could help the environment by finding a direct route to a destination versus spinning around getting lost. Now there is an advanced system that Swedish researchers have envisioned that could help drivers cut down emissions without having to trade in their car for a hybrid.

The navigation system does not plan routes by “shortest distance” but rather by finding the path with the least resistance finding the most efficient pathway depending on traffic, time of day and speed limit. The team has tested various routes and estimates that its navigation could provide fuel savings of about four percent.

Moving forward with a system like this would be no easy task, as it would involve making measurements for every street in the world a “fuel consumption factor”. But the Swedish team think they still could make it happen:

If enough drivers can be recruited to volunteer their cars as probe vehicles, such detailed map information would be unnecessary, they suggest.

James Tate at the Institute for Transport Studies at the University of Leeds, UK, says probe cars could also transmit data on their fuel consumption as they travel around. The fuel savings offered by such a system could be a good marketing tool for the makers.

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