Hybird-Only By 2020?

Toyota has reached its 1 million mark, putting them far in the lead of auto manufacturers in pursuing green car dominance.

The auto manufacturer has already surpassed their green goals and are heavily continuing to produce their hybrid vehicles all over the world. Possibly because of their great success, Toyota’s president Masatami Takimoto has insinuated that by 2020 Toyota will be 100% hybrid-powered. Who knows if that’s true, but it is 13 years from now. Why not?

The plan is to create a cheaper hybrid system and still maintain the same sales volume as they do with today’s conventional-engined cars.


2 Responses to “Hybird-Only By 2020?”

  1. Hi, there:

    I have been very ill. I don’t have a diagnosis yet. Today I am making an extreme effort t visit MBL and see what my contacts are up to.

    My husband and I are waiting on a better model to buy a hybrid cer.

  2. If we replaced the global fleet of internal combustion engines (700 million vehicles)with Hybrids it would take aprrox. 42 billion barrels of oil to manufacture them. Furthermore the car that you trade in for a hybrid will then be purchased by someone else as well… hybrids wont solve peak oil..

    Mike Ruppert, speaking about the problems we face:

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