LifeCar gets 150 MPG

life car

Being partially funded by the UK government, the eco-friendly LifeCar project is bringing excitement and more support for zero-emissions technology. The new sleek concept car is to run on hydrogen fuel cells powered by a regenerative braking system (seen in hybrid cars like the Toyota Prius and Honda Insight). As the driver brakes the car slows down, the system captures energy which is lost in ’standard or typical’ cars and used to recharge the batteries.

Unfortunately, the lightweight car lacks a stereo, airbags and other amenities. It does have a top speed of 100 mph which is fairly fast for a hydrogen fuel cell car and still manage to get 150 miles per gallon.

The Morgan LifeCar concept is to be launched this month at the Geneva Show where it will be tested for the first time in public.

top of Morgan LifeCar


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