Propane Pushed as Bridge to Renewables

The future is a gas in Michigan.

That’s propane gas, a byproduct of natural gas and crude oil refining. Roush, a company in Livonia known for engineering race cars, is pushing propane as a bridge to renewable fuels.

The Motor City was built on good old-fashioned gasoline, but the American auto industry is in shambles these days, and Michigan’s lousy economy just won’t quit.

Roush says we all could save a little money and clean up our act by using more propane to power vehicles. Propane is usually reserved for grilling cheeseburgers and firing up camper furnaces in the Great Lakes state. But it burns cleaner than regular gasoline and diesel, with lower greenhouse gas and particulate emissions, and it’s domestically produced. Plus, there’s already a pretty decent infrastructure out there for filling up.

Roush unveiled a new line of propane-powered Ford trucks and vans at a media event on Wednesday, Feb. 18. All the vehicles wil meet U.S. Environmental Protection Agency standards, along with California certifications, making them road ready for all 50 states, the company says.

The Roush version of the F-250 costs an extra $8,995, but qualifies for a federal tax credit of up to $4,500, and propane prices are normally lower per gallon than gasoline. There also are conversion kits.

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  1. I’m sending you this through this site. It’s the email we talked about today. Jack Roush is business partners with my friend’s husband, Bob Corn. If you wanted to interview Roush or Corn I’m sure I could tell Nancy Corn and she might be able to get you an interview.


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