Setup Your Carpool Online

mycarpool.PNG supplies a free online-based community that offers carpooling to every school, workplace and region in both the United States and Canada.

The program works by matching you exclusively with drivers and passengers from your workplace or school. Many of the members are serious about their carpooling and of course, for obvious reasons, want to carpool with the best. There is a rating system for each carpooler by safety, punctuality and participation.

To get a better sense of the carpooler, has added a feature on each members page to personalize music, pictures and videos.

As an extra security feature, members are strongly recommended to check each other’s I.D.s when carpooling with new members. All member records are kept along with all confirmed trips.

It’s very easy to to socialize with other carpooling families and invite new members, such as your friends or peers to join your carpool station.

The great thing is that you can carpool with people you know and save money on gas and parking, and most importantly reduce CO2 to help the environment.

3 Responses to “Setup Your Carpool Online”

  1. Are you alright? You’ve been gone form Anarchic_Universe:(

    I’m the one’s who’s been ill.

    My hubbie won’t carpool. He’s a Company Man. ;-P)


    – Tina

  2. We need more sites like this to make people aware, this is the way to go, GREEN is GREAT!
    I added you as a contact. Stop by and visit my blog.

  3. is a carpool website targets Indian riders. It is working based on pincode. Registered user can post their travel information and contact other users to share the ride. Using carpool saves time, money and protects environment.

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