Skinny Commuter Car


Looking for a commuter car? An electric two-seater? Wanna ride in this skinny funny-looking vehicle? The vehicle goes 0 to 60 in four seconds, it can take a 200 mph crash and surprisingly offers excellent stability. It only cost $85,000, a bit rich for practically half a car. The Tango is 6″ narrower than many motorcycles and takes less than half of the space of an average car driven on a freeway.

The company claims to solve traffic and parking issues. One of the most major concerns of having a small car like the Tango is its safety. The Tango has been designed around a roll cage that exceeds SCCA and NHRA regulations, which protects the occupants of cars crashing at over 200 mph and exceed the stability of most sport cars.


The Tango can charge to 80% in just 10 minutes from a 200 amp charging station and has a 80 mile range but with high-tech batteries could reach 150 miles per charge.


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  1. The 200mph is pretty unlikely, unless it’s crashing into matresses. Just look at it…200mph?? Otherwise it seems to be very practical and even stylish. No need for exagerations.

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