Smart Cars Available In US Market


Smart cars are not new as they’ve been used in Europe for over 9 years. These pocket sized cars get about 50 - 60 miles per the gallon without using any hybrid technologies. The Fortwo version comes with 2 seats only, to fit practically into a bike space making parking fairly easy. It is only 8.5 feet long, very stylish and surprisingly roomy with a bit of legroom.

If the driver is solo, then the passenger seat can be folded flat turning it into a table with a built-in cupholder. In the back, the cargo shelf holds enough luggage for a business trip and the dashboard allows enough room for cell phones and BlackBerrys.

To reserve the 2008 Fortwo car, you will need $99 to put down for the $12,000 vehicle because the response for the car have been overwhelming.

[Smart USA]


9 Responses to “Smart Cars Available In US Market”

  1. While the mileage on these is excellent they are not good cars. Expensive to maintain, useless for shopping or families with kids. They are popular with, sorry to use this expression I know it is not universally true, “blondes”. The only kind of people you see driving these ‘over the pond’ are D-list trophy wives and spoilt teens. Sorry.

  2. It’s about time! I saw my first one of those a week or so back. It was quite exciting as I’d only seen them in Canada and the UK before.

  3. Hi Milander - I guess I would disagree. My family lives in San Diego, but my husband has to commute to Los Angeles, 3 days a week (in his hybrid). For commuters, especially in big cities, this could help alleviate traffic congestion and truly be what it is…a commuter car with much better mileage.

  4. Hi Sjsuarez - Thanks for replying but it reinforces the point I was making. These are 12,000 dollar cars (more with extras) that are good for nothing except driving from one point to another. While I know that people need cars to do stuff (I hate this car culture we have driven ourselves into btw) it just seems that if you want a car to get you efficiently from a to b then public transport would be more environmentally friendly and cheaper!
    The states is not Europe however. *sighs* I have not driven for more than 10 years because I live within 2 miles of all the shops I need, 2 miles being a 20 minute walk for an *old* 37 year old like me. I guess it is just the fact that I have not lived in cities for so long that has put me off cars. Oh, no, I lived in cities for ages and used the public transport. Damn, I don’t know where I’m going with this.

    Cars bad, walking good!!! ;) hugs

  5. I live in Italy, near Milan and here Smarts are very common, i see dozen of them everyday.
    Here they aren’t, as someone stated, “blonde” cars, i may call them “single and young family” cars as they are often bought by singles and young couple or maybe the couple just “inherit” it from one of the two ex-single :-) . In the family case they are often the second car in the family coupled with a bigger one for shopping and more “serious” trip.
    They are also very common as benefit car given to workers as is very easy to decorate them with logos and ads (and there are even fiscal incentives to do it).
    That said is an expensive car (in term of price), there are different cars that, even if not so small, have a really smaller price.
    It is said that Italy was the only country in which Smart was making a profit for its maker and that outside Italy they were losing some hundreds euros for each sold unit.

  6. I like this car!
    Where can I buy one?

  7. Ray - They won’t be available in the US till next year but you can reserve one on their website for $99. :)

  8. If they were 100% electric I would be interested.

  9. Too bad they’re not selling a diesel version in the US; I’d be all over it.

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