The Small Electric Car, REVA


With over 2000 shades of colors to choose from, the REVA electric car is designed to look different from the rest. Using a design tool on the company’s site, you can choose body, bumper and leather color…no matter how “bad” it may look. Print out your design and take it with you to a dealership near you. The small two-door hatch back and battery driven models have just arrived in the city of Lucknow, India and was just shown at Europe’s Motor Show in Brussels. Marketed not as a prototype, the fully automatic and electric car, reaches 24 miles per hour in 7 seconds, reaches a top speed of 50 miles per hour and take 8 hours to fully charge or 2.5 hours for an 80 percent charge. If you noticed, the rear is only big enough to hold two child seats (only suitable for children under 8), which can also fold down to increase storage space.

The car doesn’t go that fast, but with the way gas prices are…it can serve as being beneficial to unique driving conditions. Currently London has over 600 of Reva’s cars, making it Reva’s biggest export market.

2 Responses to “The Small Electric Car, REVA”

  1. Incredible, the only thing that concerns me is obviously the speed. I have no problem with driving at that speed it’s the other maniacs I’m worried about. Do we know how much it costs?

  2. US equivalent cost can range from 15K to 20K.

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