Th!nk Back in 2008

Ford dropped Th!nk in a cost-cutting move but now there is news that Th!nk will be coming back. An electric carmaker, Th!nk Global, will be returning to the United States in 2008 after starting in Europe where they will ramp up sales.

The Norwegian team responsible for the original model has breathed some fresh air into the model improving its range and thermoplastic exterior. They are currently in an agreement with Tesla Motors to supply batteries for the new Th!nk car.

The electric design not only saves the environment, energy and money but the car also saves resources, as much of the car is recyclable. Top speed is 100 km/h which gives it access to all areas like a regular car and has a range of 180 km.

Production is planned to start this fall and with Tesla’s battery technology they should be able to double its capacity. Pricing hasn’t been decided as of yet.


2 Responses to “Th!nk Back in 2008”

  1. I like the concept from the science fiction, all by solar energy

  2. I’d like to have a Think! car. Doesn’t sound like they have work out the bugs of putting it on the market (and going with Ford to begin with was a bad idea) but if the price is reasonable (under $40,000), I would buy it.

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