Wave Powered Boat To Set History


Interestingly enough, there is 69 year old man named Ken-ichi Horie is making an attempt to set a world record by traveling from Hawaii to Japan in a new wave-powered boat. The 4,350 mile trip will be utilizing one of the most advanced wave powered boats in the world and if completed successfully, will earn him a place in the Guinness record. His boat, called the Suntory Mermaid II, turns wave energy into thrust using two fins mounted beneath the bow. The fins move up and down with the wave movement to generate ‘kicks’ to propel the boat forward. Although the technology reaches only 5 knots, Ken is planning to solo the trip with no other fuel on board. The trip is expected to take a total of 3 months versus 1 month a diesel boat would achieve. We all wish him good luck on his trip!


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  1. Is there a website where more details are presented on the way the wave action propells the boat?

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