Ultra-Light Eco 1/X Toyota Concept


Toyota aims to redesign environmental car designs by creating the 1/X concept that has the same room space as a Prius with one-third of the weight and operates at twice the fuel efficiency. The 1/X name came from the reduced weight, fuel consumption and emissions compared to similar cars in the same class. The car is lighter in weight due to carbon fiber reinforced plastic frame which is lighter than conventional framing. The car’s design allows it to travel on a 4-gallon tank of fuel for over 600 miles. Wow!

The roof is transparent, noise and heat insulating and made from bio-plastic derviced from ramie and kenaf plants. The front of the 1/X uses a LED lighting system which provides a soft glow.


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  1. The car looks a bit futuristic, but still nice and I like the roof, it will offer an amazing view.

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