Vesta Green Marketing Solutions Unveils New In-Home Marketing Platform with a Focus on Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Products

vestaNEW YORK - Vesta Green Marketing Solutions (GMS) helped kick-off Advertising Week by announcing a repositioning of the company and expansion into a broad array of environmentally sustainable promotional products targeting affluent consumers at home.

An in-home marketing company, Vesta GMS has attracted some of the nation’s largest brands and media companies such as Zantac, Schick, Aveeno, Caress, Wisk, Avis, CBS and TNT. The newest promotional campaigns entering the market include USA Today, DirecTV and NutriSystem.

Founded in 2003 as Hanger Network, the company’s original focus was the delivery of brand messages on the EcoHanger(R) — a 100-percent recycled and recyclable alternative to the wire hangers distributed by a network of 40,000 dry cleaners nationwide.

“When I joined Vesta, I realized that while the EcoHanger was unique and important, the company’s proprietary dry cleaner distribution channel was really the foundation of the enterprise. The real opportunity was to deliver an entire portfolio of eco-friendly promotional products through this network,” said L. Jeff Jensen, chief executive officer, Vesta Green Marketing Solutions.

Today, Vesta GMS offers brand marketers a full suite of marketing services including advertising, couponing, product sampling, co-marketing, brochure delivery and direct marketing. It also has developed alternative distribution programs in college dorms, rental cars and on cruise ships. The company’s marketing/merchandising platform is beginning to show up at retailers. Pizazzcrew is using EcoHangers for their earth-friendly apparel line at select Walmart locations and Hershey’s stores are displaying their licensed merchandise on custom branded EcoHangers.

Vesta GMS has partnered with leading research providers to gather insights about dry cleaning consumers, their interaction with Vesta products and the emerging realities of the media marketplace.

Channel concept and market studies have verified that their dry-cleaner distributed programs reach an affluent audience of high-income professionals who are extremely responsive to Vesta in-home messaging. Comprehensive ad impact studies have proven that Vesta programs, on average, increase brand recall by 58 percent, boost ad awareness by 53 percent and drive purchase intent by 17 percent.

According to a brand-to-media engagement study completed in August 2009 by research firm Brand Keys, EcoHanger advertising placed well above TV, FSIs and online media, scoring up to 19 points higher in terms of engagement levels across five major consumer categories.

“We applaud the efforts of Vesta GMS as they are not only conducting advertising in a socially responsible green manner, but have conceived a system that virtually guarantees high levels of engagement for their clients’ brands,” said Robert Passikoff, Ph.D., president and founder, Brand Keys, a research consultancy specializing in brand loyalty.
“We’ve all heard and read about the continued decline of mass media and the increasing difficultly marketers have in reaching and influencing affluent consumers,” said Mr. Jensen. “During the era of Mad Men, commercial recall was as high as 65 percent. By 2000, it was as low as one-to-two percent. In today’s media environment, influencing consumers who can purchase based on preference over price is diminishing. Accessing these high-income consumers who can demonstrate and maintain loyalty — and its associated lifetime-value — is essential to brand success.”

As part of its commitment to offering eco-friendly marketing promotions for brand marketers, Vesta GMS hired prominent environmental consulting firm MBDC to verify the sustainability of its products. Based on MBDC’s initial findings, Vesta has committed to reformulating its products and to work towards Cradle to Cradle(SM) certification.
“Working as a sustainable design consultant to Vesta GMS, we verified the use of recycled and recyclable materials within their clothes hangers. The company also wanted to enhance its materials to be more widely and easily recyclable and is working toward that objective,” said Steve Bolton, senior consultant, manager of business development, MBDC.

For more information about Vesta Green Marketing Solutions, contact Sabrina Cagar, director of marketing,, 646-783-5027 or visit

Vesta Green Marketing Solutions delivers innovative and eco-friendly in-home marketing programs to an affluent audience through its primary network of 40,000 dry cleaners nationwide. It offers brands a full portfolio of marketing options including advertising, consumer promotion, product sampling and co-marketing, all of which can be micro-targeted according to demographic, geographic, multi-cultural or retailer-specific criteria.

Hanger Network and Vesta Green Marketing Solutions are trademarks and EcoHanger is a registered trademark of Vesta Green Marketing Solutions. All other trade names are the property of their respective owners.

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