Woohoo, the Possible End to the 3,000 mile oil change

fuel scraps

SOMS Technologies may just have the answer to extending the life of engine oil by 30,000 miles which would enable drivers to use 75 percent less oil while also saving hundreds in maintenance costs for their vehicle.

The Bedford, NY based company has raised over $900,000 in funding and seeks for another $4 million to get its foot into the $7 billion U.S. market for oil filter and engine treatment products but most importantly, reduce the demand for petroleum and reduce pollution from discarded engine oil which contaminates groundwater.

Typically engine oil passes through filters in one pass, but SOMS Technologies’ system diverts some of the oil flow from the main filter into a finer filter. Essentially they are taking a little bit of the oil and treating it separately. They claim that they filter oil comes out clean as or even cleaner than new engine oil.

The filter would cost $15 and work with any combustion engine, even those in gasoline, hydrogen, biofuel and biodiesel cars.

In April, the filters will be tested in about thirty New York City taxis and 20 school buses in upstate New York.


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