101 Ways to Be a Greener Eater

Second in a series:

Buying Food

Make your next shopping trip a green one by utilizing these tips.

12. Bring your own bags. Why waste plastic bags when you can reuse cloth? Most stores sell cloth bags - or you can make your own.
13. Look for foods with little to no packaging. That packaging will just end up in the trash, so don’t bother with it in the first place if you can avoid it.
14. Support local produce markets. You’ll not only be eating locally but also helping businesses and individuals in your community.
15. Skip frozen foods. Those freezers take a lot of energy to keep cold (10 times more than non-frozen), so go for fresh instead.
16. Always check labels. Some things may seem green, but upon closer inspection really aren’t. Always read the labels to know for sure.
17. Know what you’re getting. Some foods may be emblazoned with the words “organic” but what that means can vary. Find out from retailers, the package or the company what’s really organic and where your food is coming from.
18. Avoid certain plastics. They can leech into food and cause cancers and other problems, especially when food is stored or heated in them.
19. Use a grocery list. This will help to avoid buying unnecessary things at the store, provided you stick to it of course.
20. Focus on plants. The first place you should head when you go into a store is the produce aisle. Plant food is good for you and requires less energy to produce.
21. Know what foods are important to buy organic. Some foods have thin skins or are more susceptible to absorbing chemicals. Know which foods you really should buy organic and which aren’t as big of a deal.
22. Clip coupons. Buying organic, green foods isn’t always cheap so find ways to save where you can.


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