101 Ways to Be a Greener Eater

Third in a Series

At home

Green eating starts at home in your own kitchen, so use these tips to make it a reality in your home.

23. Start a garden. This will provide you with fresh, delicious vegetables for several months out of the year. Better yet, you can do it even in a small space.
24. Keep herbs in your windowsill. These can be used to give your foods flavor and won’t take up much space.
25. Compost food waste. Don’t just throw out that banana peel or coffee grounds. Both make great additions to a compost pile that that fertilize your garden or houseplants.
26. Filter your own water. Forget about bottled water or sugary drinks. Invest in a water filter for the faucet or a pitcher for your fridge. You’ll drink more water and waste less.
27. Use cloth instead of paper. Instead of using paper towels and napkins and creating loads of waste, use cloth napkins and towels instead.
28. Don’t use chemicals to clean up. There are a number of natural alternatives that can do just as good of a job cleaning. You may even be able to make them yourself.
29. Use your dishwasher. Think dishwashers aren’t eco-friendly? As it turns out, a full dishwasher uses less water than doing those same dishes by hand.
30. Keep your fridge clean and efficient. This will help keep it running smoothly and in turn keep your food fresher for longer.
31. Choose natural pest repellents. Whether it’s for keeping ants out of the kitchen or aphids off your garden, don’t turn to chemicals without trying a natural method first.
32. Avoid plastic cups and paper plates. Reusable versions are always better unless you really have to use the other type. If you must, look for compostable and recyclable versions.
33. Waste not, want not. Do you best to not waste any food. This means buying only what you’ll eat and planning out meals very carefully.


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