101 Ways to Be a Greener Eater

Sixth in a series


These tips will have you enjoying fresh, delicious and healthy produce that are earth-friendly to boot.

53. Try to buy organic. When you can, try to buy produce that has been produced organically. It might not always look perfect, but it won’t be exposing you to chemicals either.

54. Eat foods that are in season. These won’t have been shipped from long distances and can usually be found from local producers.

55. Become a locavore. Trying to eat foods that come from within a few hundred miles of your home can go a long way towards reducing the energy it takes to produce your foods.

56. Forage for food. If you’ve got foods growing wild in your community, gather mushrooms, berries and fruits from the wild.

57. Don’t buy more than you know you can eat. You’ll be wasting both food and money.

58. Stick to heirloom varieties, not their genetically modified alternatives. They often cost more, but if you want to stick to what nature intended produce to be, they can be a great choice.

59. Keep your eye out for recalls. Farm waste has caused the recall of several different types of produce in the past couple of years. Make sure what you’ve bought hasn’t been contaminated by always watching out for recalls.


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