101 Ways to Be a Greener Eater

Ninth in a Series

Green Health

Being green doesn’t just mean helping the earth but, as these tips will show, can also mean helping your health.

75. Eat smaller portions. You’ll use less food and you’ll likely be healthier as well.

76. Go simple. Don’t make dishes with a load of fancy ingredients that will only go to waste. Simple foods are often healthier and less wasteful anyway.

77. Reduce your calorie intake. Studies have shown that it could increase your longevity, not to mention your grocery bill.

78. Create meal plans. This will help ensure you’re getting the nutrition you need while also reducing food waste.

79. Stop eating when you’re full. The leftovers can be had for lunch and your digestive system (and your overall health) will appreciate the smaller meals.

80. Go for nutrient dense foods. You may be able to eat less if you eat better. These foods are often not only better for you but for the environment as well.


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