101 Ways to Be a Greener Eater

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101 Ways to Be a Greener Eater

Did you know that Americans toss out nearly 25 percent of their food? Or that between eight and ten percent of the energy usage in the United States is tied up in producing that food? Whether you knew these facts or  not, they’re just part of the motivation to start being a greener eater. By watching what you eat, you’ll be reducing the amount of money you need to spend on healthcare, saving the environment and generally enjoying a longer, happier life. If you’re motivated to start eating greener, here are some tips on how to get started.

Starting Small

Not ready to jump into green eating feet first? These baby steps will let you start small and work your way up.

1. Kick the bottled water habit. Millions of plastic bottles end up in landfills every year. Become a part of the solution by getting a water filter for your faucet and using a metal water bottle instead.
2. Learn more. Not sure what it takes to go green? Do a little research to learn what you can and become an expert on the subject.
3. Make coffee at home. Getting coffee out every day not only costs you a pretty penny but also leads to loads of waste. Make it at home instead and reuse the grounds in your garden.
4. Cut out pre-packaged snacks. They might be convenient, but they’re also wasteful. Buy the bigger size and mete out your snacks into reusable containers
5. Eat less. Portion sizes are often much too large for what we really need to eat. Eat less and you’ll use less resources and energy.
6. Slow down. If you’re rushing through meals or eating on-the-go you’re not doing our waistline or the environment any favors. Slow down and enjoy your meals for greener eating.
7. Eat low on the food chain. What does this mean? It means focusing your eating on fruits and veggies rather than on meat, as this will expose you to fewer toxins.
8. Educate yourself about when foods are fresh an in season. That way you’ll know what to buy, as foods that are out of season must often be shipped in from long distances.
9. Eat more raw foods. They’re better for you and you won’t have to turn on the stove to cook them.
10. Bike to the grocery store. Get your groceries while getting a workout to save big on gas.

11. Take joy in eating. Eating isn’t just something you do to fuel your body. It can also be an enjoyable experience of you let


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