2008 Electronic House is a Green Home!


For the first time, the grand prize winner of Electronic Houses’ Home of the Year is an energy efficient, sustainable home that is made from environmental friendly materials and even has plenty of electronics.

The contemporary 4,200 square foot home called the “Casa Futura”, is powered by 26 solar panels, two of which provide heat for the home’s hot water needs. Its water saving features include low-flow, dual-flush toilets and a smart irrigation system that water plants only when they need it. The home is largely constructed of recycled materials, with concrete radiant-heated floors and an “efficient” metal roof. The walls contain extra blown-in insulation, the windows reflect heat and harmful ultraviolet light, motorized blinds automatically shade the large windows to effectively control room temperatures and natural ventilation reduces the need for a/c. Of course, all the appliances are Energy-Star rated and highly efficient LEDs (light emitting diodes) are used in several rooms with complimentary CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps) and traditional incandescents bulbs on dimmers for added energy savings.

It’s estimated that the San Diego based home, Casa Futura, is 60 percent more efficient than required by California’s stringent Title 24 standards for energy efficiency in new homes. The solar panels alone save the family of six, 50 to 70 percent in electricity costs.

This graceful home combines a beautiful but environmental responsible design with technology, which makes it a clear choice to be a winner for Electronic House.


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