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33 Environmental Scientists Worth Following on Twitter

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If seeking a degree in environmental sciences, there can be many questions such as where can I get college rankings [1]? However, if you need answers to more specific environmental science questions, it can be hard to flag down a leader and ask him or her a question. If you have an internet connection and a Twitter account, it can be far easier.

To help get answers to both questions asked and yet to be asked, we have gathered 33 environmental scientists worth following on Twitter below. Organized mostly by number of current followers, they can help you do everything from getting an expert opinion on the latest news to innovative ways to go green.
Environmental Scientists Worth Following on Twitter

In various fields of environmental science, these professionals are leaders in their field and the Twitter world.

Mireya Mayor, Ph.D. [2]
She is the host of National Geographic Wild and an expert in wildlife. Also an author and former cheerleader, she tweets from around the world on what she is up to now.

Plant Biology [3]
This anonymous user is an actual plant biologist and has loads of expert knowledge to share on plantlife. Eager to learn, they are also eager to share what they learn via Twitter.

J. Osborne-Gowey [4]
He is an aquatic/landscape ecologist. In addition to knowledge in his field, he also tweets about fishing, hunting, diving, and even home brewing.

Scott Dodd [5]
Both a professor and a father, Scott is also an editor and writer for On Earth Mag. Check out thoughts on all of the above on his Twitter account.

Andrew Thaler [6]
He is a deep sea biologist and blogger behind Southern Fried Science. Also concerned with population and conservation genetics, you can get many different topics via tweets.

Wallace “J” Nichols [7]
Learn about environmental science on the ocean side with a follow here. He is an accomplished scientist, with studies at Duke University and the University of Arizona, as well as research as a Fulbright Fellow and for the California Academy of Sciences.

Anne Minard [8]
She has two degrees in biology, one from the University of North Carolina and the other from Northern Arizona University. She now writes in a freelance capacity on her location in the Southwest.

Kevin Zelnio [9]
Get marine biology on this Twitter account. He has a master’s in biology from Penn State and is an independent scientists based in Wilmington, North Carolina.

mtobis [10]
He is a climate scientist and “pythoneer” interested in public discourse. He is also the blogger at Only in it for the Gold, which recently wrapped up an economics series of posts.

Scientists Worth Following on Twitter

These scientists have loads to say on environmentally related areas.

Mariette DiChristina [11]
Get the official Twitter account for the editor in chief of “Scientific American” here. Also a former president of the National Association of Science Writers, you can get all sorts of science news with a follow.

Betsy Mason [12]
Similar to the above, she is a science editor for the science side of “Wired.” She is also a geologist, beer snob, and writes about it all.

Hilary Maybaum [13]
She is an oceanographer turned freelance science writer. Her interests include diving, hiking, crosswords, and of course, the environment.

Jeff Last [14]
Get more on meteorology, or the study of weather, with a follow here. Jeff is a government scientist who discusses the weather, technology, and science.

Chris Rowan [15]
He is a geologist who studies plate motions, deforming continents, and rock magnetism. Check out his thoughts on current scientific events on his Twitter feed.

Larry O’Hanlon [16]
He is part of the Keck Observatory in Mauna Kea, Hawaii. Check out his tweets for latest sightings, information, and more.

David Briggs [17]
Visit here for the Twitter account of a post-doctoral student in Manchester who is studying the structural biology of extracellular matrix proteins. He also posts about skepticism and random thoughts.

Mark P. [18]
He is a molecular biologist and Reagan Conservative. In addition to who he is following, you can also get political thoughts.

Other Environmental Professionals Worth Following on Twitter

These environmental professionals fall into a category of their own.

Chris Levinson [19]
Need to brush up on environmental law? Then check out this administrator from the Los Angeles law firm that was featured in “Erin Brockovich.” Thoughts on laws, court cases, and more are often shared.

Organic Guru [20]
June Stoyer is the host of The Organic View. She is also an activist and often answers questions and replies to reader’s tweets.

Treebanker [21]
Get the green side of going green from Dan Tefft. He is the CEO of Treebanking, LLC, and focuses on carbon credits and the trillion dollar business of climate change solutions.

Andy Revkin [22]
If you are concerned about peak oil, food, etc. this is the Twitter feed for you. Also the author of Dot Earth for “The New York Times,” he writes about other matters in environmental science and items that interest him.

Kate Sheppard [23]
She is a reporter for Mother Jones, an environmentally minded publication. Check out her Twitter feed for items such as energy, science, reproductive rights, and more.

A Green Lady [24]
Danielle Brigida is a self-proclaimed wildlife geek and works as the Digital Marketing Manager for the National Wildlife Federation. Followers can both learn and laugh with her as she navigates through the world of environmental science.

J. McIntire-Strasburg [25]
He started out as an English professor. In an effort experimenting with blogging and eco-friendly products, he created Sustainablog and this successful Twitter feed.

The Green Gnome [26]
He is a 39 year old father from Las Vegas who started two limo companies from scratch. He now focuses on building more environmentally friendly businesses and tweets all about it here.

Environmental Groups Worth Following on Twitter

Get more on the environment, science, and more on these popular Twitter feeds.

Greenpeace [27]
This activist group has been around for decades and is oriented towards changing attitudes and behavior to protect the environment and promote peace. Get blog posts, news, links to videos, and more by following them.

EcoInteractive [28]
How did this organization get over 100,000 followers? They are a Costa Rican based initiative that inspires action by empowering people through conservation, reforestation, and education.

The popular publication is one of the green community’s first online stops. They have the latest news, information, as well as the trendiest tips for going green.

Nature Conservancy [29]
They are working to make a positive impact around the world in more than 30 countries. Check out the latest news in protecting nature and conserving life on their Twitter feed.

National Wildlife [30]
The National Wildlife Federation works to inspire Americans to protect the local wildlife. Updates, inside looks, and more are all featured.

Earth Hour [31]
How can switching off the lights for an hour make an impact? Check out this Twitter feed for the answer, along with when, who, and the results.

Eco Actions [32]
If looking to save the rainforests, check out this Twitter feed. They are looking to end deforestation and have more information on projects and the urgency needed.

Mongabay [33]
Founded in 1999, they are an environmental science and conservation news site. The latest news on environmental science is often the topic of tweets.

Whether looking to make a global change or get a leg up on the next test in science class, there is loads of help in the above 33 environmental scientists worth following on Twitter.

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