Fair Trade Sports Balls

fairtradeMeet Fair Trade Sports , the world’s first fairly made athletic ball supplier for soccer, football, basketball and more. They sell sports balls that are fair to the environment and fair to people. While they have a variety of athletic balls and apparel to choose from, the most eye catching has to be the Eco Soccer ball , multi-color-polk-a-dotted and labeled with the word RESPECT. Not only is it fun and playful, it’s professionally made and fully compliant with international ball standards. The Eco Ball is made with quality synthetic leather and latex, allowing for the perfect bounce. Affordably priced at $34.99.

The Eco Ball is Union and vegan made, so you can feel confident that only fair, non-child labor practices are used and no animals are hurt (it’s Fair Trade Certified and Eco-Certified). You only have to see this colorful ball once and you will always remember that Fair Trade Sports has respect for the producers, environment, the athletes and the game itself. Purchase from a responsible company so you can play with wild abandon!

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