10 Good Things About Going Green Online
Obviously, as good as everyone has heard <a href=”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Green_hosting”>about green web hosting</a>. The latter is gaining in popularity and unless you have spent the last couple of years on another planet, you should at least have heard about it. Maybe you are wondering <a href=”http://www.webhostingsearch.com/green-web-hosting.php”>why everyone is talking about green web hosting</a> and what it is that is so great about it. Here are some of the reasons to why you might want to go green online:

1. You save the planet. The most important reason to go green online is that it is environmentally-friendly and your contribution to save the planet is valuable, no matter how small or big the steps you take are.

2. You save money. Green hosting is not only environmentally-friendly - it is also cheap and can save you money.

3. You work more efficiently. Part of going green online involves the efficient use of resources - you power your machines at full when you need their full power and you keep them in standby mode when you don’t. This is not only cheaper but also more efficient.

4. You abide the law. In those cases when legislation makes you go green, it might not be a matter of like or dislike whether you go green or not. The penalties for failing to comply with law could be pretty severe.

5. Green hosting is good PR. Green hosting is perceived as positive by society and as a result when you take green initiatives and publicize them, this is good PR for your company.

6. Green hosting is fashionable. You are hardly a fashionist/a, who follows fashion blindly but you can’t neglect the fact that green hosting is fashionable. In a sense, when your web hosting is green, you are not lagging behind times.

7. You stimulate the development of green technologies. When you buy green technologies, you help their manufacturers because your money is used to develop new green technologies or to improve the existing ones. This is your contribution to making green tech more reliable and affordable.

8. Green hosting is healthy. Another advantage of green hosting is that it is healthy. Biking, planting trees, etc. is physical activity (much needed nowadays by white collars) so you are helping your employees to lead a healthy life.

9. You set an example for other web hosts. They say that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. When you become a green web host and attract more customers, other web hosts will follow you.

10. You gain the respect of your employees. Last, but not least, when you become a green web host, your employees get the feeling that they are working for a winner company not for a loser one. Staff motivation is vital, so you can’t neglect this aspect of green hosting.

As you see, there is more to green hosting than simply the desire to <a href=”http://www.carbonfootprint.com/minimisecfp.html”>reduce your carbon footprint</a> and to save some money. Green web hosting has so many benefits that if you haven’t gone green yet, now is the time to do it.

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