Theodore is Dying becomes the First “Ultra-Low Budget” film ever to be Green Seal Certified, and only Independent of 2010

tid_topAs First Trailer is Released Indie Filmmakers Tout Distinguished “Green Seal” Certification from the EMA.

New York, New York January 10, 2011 — At an award ceremony in L.A. this past October, Moving Picture Party’s first feature film, Theodore is Dying became the only movie made outside of the studio system certified with the Green Seal from the EMA (Environmental Media Association) in 2010 and the first ultra low budget film ever to be awarded this recognition. The feature was shot this past February and March in Scranton, PA and is currently in post-production. The $35K feature film was made as part of a masters program at the University of Central Florida that focuses specifically on Entrepreneurial Digital Filmmaking, and was financed solely through business partnerships and fundraising by the filmmakers.

The team from Moving Picture Party , including producer Allie Kenyon,  writer/director Ryan Ceri Pomeranz, and Environmental Impact Coordinator Becca Kenyon were amazed when they saw the video that shows their ultra-low budget indie flick included in a list of over 30 studio films with titles such as The Social Network, Black Swan and 127 Hours.

Travel costs had prohibited the filmmakers from being physically able to make it to the Los Angeles ceremony (the Kenyons live in Orlando, while Pomeranz is a recent New York transplant).

From EMA Award Show Program: “As a truly independent film pursuing sustainability without the support of the studio system, we are especially proud to honor Theodore is Dying tonight… They even appointed an “Environmental Impact Coordinator” responsible for researching and utilizing alternative filmmaking techniques and coordinating resources in the most ecofriendly way possible.” Some of the initiatives that were introduced were the use a digital production office, donations of environmentally friendly products from like-minded companies such as
Seventh Generation and Earthshell, a reusable water bottle initiative, on-set recycling, and utilizing pre-existing locations.

With their new teaser trailer live on Youtube, Theodore is Dying is in the final ten days of a $5,000 fund raising campaign on (Kickstarter competitor) Indie Gogo to raise finishing funds.

Theodore is Dying Synopsis: (from the TID website) Theodore is Dying is a dark and comic tale of death and rebirth in Northeastern Pennsylvania. The film chronicles the lives of four characters at the crossroads of reclaiming their lost hope or succumbing to despair in the wake of their respective tragedies. Theodore, 70, has lost his dignity and his ability to sustain himself as he struggles to recover from the death of his wife. His only grandson Clair, 25, gets thrown off his own life trajectory when his long term girlfriend suddenly leaves him for a cook at a diner. Renee, only 17, must grow up quickly and assume the role of primary caregiver as she nurses her junkie mother through heroin withdrawal. And finally, Donald, a fallen children’s television idol turned meth addict has lost everything, including a home. Fumbling in the din of their dwindling prospects, what they find is that sometimes the conclusion of one life just might simply be the beginning of another.

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