A Completely Earth-Friendly USB Drive

The ATP 8GB EarthDrive is a great product that is “waterproof, dustproof, shock proof and ESD (electro-static discharge) proof.” The USB drive also has built in security software, drive partitioning and password protection.  In addition to all this it is eco-friendly! Not only is it made from bio-recycled plastics but at the end of its life it is also completely recyclable.  According to the ATP website, the “EarthDrive is a premier product that provides flash memory for the consumer market that maximizes our ability to recycle, re-use and restore our glorious planet.” In addition to their product being earth-friendly, ATP has partnered with American Forests’ National Tree planting projects.  For every EarthDrive purchased, ATP will donate a portion of the profits to these tree planting projects.  These projects “allow for tree planting throughout the United States as well as on a global basis… [which] contribute to the efforts of offsetting our carbon footprint and restoring the environment.” In addition to all this, this 8GB can be purchased here for under $50!

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