A Second Life For Shells

Artful Wares has come up with an ingenious way of recycling reclaimed lobster, mussel and clam shells.

The Creator and Director of Innovations, Tamra Philbrook, patented a way to bring the ocean into our homes through creative hand-crafted tableware that is environmentally friendly. Shells that would otherwise be thrown away into landfills are given a second-life by having Artful Wares wash them, crush them and perform their little magic to make a beautiful recycled piece. What’s great is that you are seeing the seashells in their natural form…nothing else is added to make them sparkle or shine.

The 100% natural materials come from 100% regenerated Maine seashells from Lobsters, Mussels, Clams, Mussels & Claims and Mussels & Lobsters. Artful Wares now partners with seafood processors to obtain leftover shells from things like seafood chowders and other related products.

The vibrant creations are starting to pick up in demand, but all the materials are still coming from Artful Wares local Maine area. The company has definitely made an effort to make a difference and has made what was once trash into something that we are bringing not only into our homes but into our kitchen!

For more information, visit artfulwares.com

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  1. These are totally awesome. I’d love to have afew for a cocktail party!

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