AltUse Announces a Contest to Reduce Packaging Waste


Got2BeGreen recently wrote about excess packaging. Now has announced a new packaging promotion. The web site challenges its users to help reduce packaging waste.

LOS ANGELES, - In an effort to encourage its users to find new ways to reuse discarded packaging, launched a promotion awarding $250 to the user who submits the most innovative packaging AltUse by Friday October 2, 2009. Additionally, the site user who submits the most packaging AltUses during that period will receive $100.

`There’s simply too much waste in packaging,` said company CEO Ben Goldfarb, noting that packaging waste comprises more than 30 percent of all landfills in California, according to the California Integrated Waste Management Board. `We’ve got to do something about this problem and can help lead the way.`

The AltUse submissions can consist of any packaging material, from boxes and plastic bottles to glass. aims to be the largest comprehensive resource for alternative use strategies in the world by enabling site visitors to search, post, rank, and share ideas for extending the lifecycle of everyday products.

One Response to “AltUse Announces a Contest to Reduce Packaging Waste”

  1. Thanks dearly for writing about the packaging promotion. The promotion submissions were great. And we also saved some landfill space, too.

    We welcome the opportunity to feature on our home page. Please email me at your convenience.



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