An Eco-Friendly Approach to Auto Maintenance and Repair

Green Lifestyles - As a franchise system, Honest-1 has jointly committed to planting 100,000 new trees to reinforce the company's promise to be the most eco-friendly auto repair and maintenance chain in the nationIn late 2007, Honest-1 Auto Care discovered during a research project that consumers wanted an environmentally responsible company to provide their car repair and maintenance needs. Based on what we heard from consumers, Honest-1 decided to take extraordinary steps to protect the environment by helping our customers maintain the most efficient and safe vehicles possible. We’re a relatively small company, but we believe we can make a big difference in reducing harmful auto emissions.

By August 2008, every Honest-1 Auto Care shop was Environmentally Sustainable Actions Certified (ESA®). The ESA Certification is implemented by the company through its own standards for pollution prevention, recycling and resource conservation. Every franchisee is required to update their certification when significant updates to the program or system are needed.
To demonstrate the brand’s commitment to environmental responsibility, Honest-1 Auto Care launched an exclusive line of auto care products that combine leading edge technology with innovative additives:

• Honest-1 developed the Eco-Tune Up®, which includes a 21-point inspection, the use of synthetic oil, lifetime oil and air filters, platinum spark plugs, spark-plug wire replacement, Eco 360® fuel treatment, and tire pressure evaluation.

• The Eco 360® additive is an organic friction modifier proven to increase fuel efficiency and reduce harmful engine emissions. Eco 360® is available in the Honest-1 Fuel System Treatment and Honest-1 Oil Treatment products.

• The company offers the Honest-1 ProFlush line of cleaning products for a vehicle’s fuel system, cooling system, power steering and transmission. It also offers the ProTect line of conditioners for transmissions and cooling systems as well as the Honest-1 ProTect Diesel Treatment.

• Honest-1 introduced re-refined oil systemwide.

• Through a partnership with FDP Friction Science, Honest- 1 sells EcoStop Brake Pads (green disc-brake pads with copper-free ceramic), to reduce copper runoff in waterways.

• Honest-1 has partnered with Green Earth Technologies and has begun selling the company’s G-OIL Ultimate Biodegradable green motor oil, made from renewable animal fats. Honest-1 is the only auto-repair chain in the United States doing this.

Because any company that chooses to call itself environmentally responsible has to demonstrate to consumers that its efforts are sincere, Honest-1 formed a partnership in 2009 with American Forests, a leading nonprofit organization that plants trees for environmental restoration. As a franchise system, Honest-1 has jointly committed to planting 100,000 new trees to reinforce the company’s promise to be the most eco-friendly auto repair and maintenance chain in the nation. Honest-1 Auto Care is currently the only auto repair franchise chain to enter into an agreement of this magnitude with American Forests.

It’s important to remember that companies that don’t practice what they preach will be called out by consumers, especially those who identify themselves as eco-friendly.

About Honest-1 Auto Care®
Honest-1 Auto Care® is the only national full-service auto care company that is 100% ESA® Certified Eco-Friendly. Honest-1® leads the industry in numerous eco-friendly initiatives including strict recycling of automotive materials, pollution prevention, resource conservation and offering Eco-Friendly Auto Care® services such as the ECO TuneUp® and ECO Oil Change. In addition to its high environmental standards, Honest-1® has a very unique customer centric approach to the auto care industry providing centers which are family-friendly, characterized by clean and upscale waiting areas, Internet cafes, children’s play areas, comfortable chairs and couches, big-screen TVs and complimentary beverage stations. With 22 locations operating, Honest-1® plans to open 10 more locations nationwide in the next year. For more information, visit us here.

Jack Keilt is President and Chief Executive Officer of H-1 Auto Care LLC, dba Honest-1 Auto Care®, based in Scottsdale, Ariz.

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