Anti-Body (Anti-Poverty, Beautiful Body) Fair Trade Body-care Products


Unleash your inner fairy! Instead of picking up a chemical-filled body-care product, girls can now enjoy all-natural, paraben-free lotion that also supports fair trade. The “Fairy Trade” series from Anti-Body (Anti-Poverty, Beautiful Body) is the first fair trade body-care product directed at tween girls (and women who are young at heart). Rose scented “Gentle Fairy” loves trading with coconut scented “Love Fairy.” Ethical living doesn’t have to be for adults only, nor does it have to look like activism on a rampage. Anti-Body’s Fair Trade Lotion is pretty, carefree and fun but it also serves a purpose–it’s all natural, paraben-free and made with Fair Trade Certified ingredients-so you can moisturize your skin with good for you and fair ingredients. The first 1,000 units include a limited edition sticker pack. All-natural, paraben-free, with fairly traded coca butter, shea butter and green tea ingredients.

Anti-Body (anti-poverty, beautiful body) was co-founded by family members whose ambitions of ending poverty led them to create a sustainable body care line that would be healthy for people and the planet. Their lotions, lip balms, bath fizzers and oils are all handmade with fairly traded ingredients from dedicated producers in Africa and parts of Asia.

Available at select Whole Foods and online here.

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