Green Props: Dell Computer


Today, Dell became one of the greenest computer companies by joining The Climate Group. They aren’t just the “greenest”, they are actually the first computer company to join. Announced at the conference called Challenges and Opportunities in a Carbon Constrained World hosted in Houston, Texas, Dell committed themselves to a progressive climate strategy that takes into account environmental impacts from suppliers. In addition, Dell pledged carbon neutrality for company facilities, business air travel and even including manufacturing operations starting in 2008.

It’s a great step for an American computer company to make as The Climate Group is a global non-profit organization that works with business and government leaders to address climate change and be a voice to transition the world into a low-carbon economy. By joining The Climate Group, Dell is given the opportunity to further contribute and gain insight from participating groups in The Climate Group and leverage working relationships with policy makers in government and expand its international reach into China and the Asia Pacific region.

Press Release
(Thanks to Whitney Munselle for Dell)

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