Boothster Unveils Eco-Friendly Exhibit for U.S. Forest Delegation in Buenos Aires

Boothster Unveils Eco-Friendly Exhibit for U.S. Forest Delegation in Buenos AiresPortland Design Company Flows Through the City of Good Air

Portland, OR-  In an age of heightened environmental interest, it may be surprising to learn the trade show industry has been relatively untouched by the new green wave that’s rolled in to the public’s conscious.

In fact, it was the excessive waste Boothster founder John-Paull Davidson saw at trade shows (where the average attendee produces a whopping 61 pounds of solid waste in just 3 days) that inspired him to start a company that would use eco-friendly materials and green practices to help resolve the environmental waste problem created by the industry.

At the recent World Forestry Congress, which gathered forestry leaders, experts and students from over 100 countries in Buenos Aires, Boothster was chosen to conceptualize and develop the U.S. exhibit. The challenge was to design a booth that would represent a diverse group of forestry oriented stakeholders in an environment that best facilitated the communication of their message to attendees-all while being as ecologically friendly as possible.

“Boothster stands at the precipice of eco-innovation,” said Liza Vida C. Paqueo with the US Forest Service International Programs. “I and my team at the U.S. Forest Service International Programs were proud of the exhibit that Boothster developed. It was innovative, beautiful, thoughtful, eco-friendly, welcoming and encouraged exchange of information.”

Although located in the emerging green business center of Portland, Oregon, Boothster fabricated the exhibit in Buenos Aires, which saved on both fuel consumption, avoided customs issues and rid the city of some of its trash.

With the exception of the eco-cotton graphics (made at the Boothster warehouse in Portland) and recycled PET bottle panels (sourced in nearby Chile), the entire exhibit was fabricated from local Argentine materials.

The Boothster team found durable cardboard tubes (which they saved from the garbage) and repurposed them into beautiful abstract representations of trees. They also hired a collaborative team of design professionals in Buenos Aires to help with the project locally.

The result was an immense success. “The response to the exhibit was overwhelmingly positive -it highlighted the United States’ desire to be part of the continuing dialogue on sound natural resource management as well as climate change mitigation and adaptation,” said Paqueo.

Check out the site for examples.

About - Boothster is a green trade show booth company based in Portland, Oregon. Boothster sets itself apart with more creative and innovative design using eco-friendly and locally sourced materials when possible. Because making a commitment to be sustainable often means being more creative, Boothster delivers better design that’s better for the Earth.

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