Celebrities Make More Green

hollywoodEd Begley, Jr. is no longer one of a kind. There are lots of celebrities going green these days. I’m sure most people are aware of Ed’s extreme environment efforts at this point, but he’s far from the only one. Probably you are also aware of Willie Nelson and his pioneering use of biodiesel for his tour bus.

Corey Feldman just kicked off the “Off the Grid” tour with his band Truth Movement, which is purported to be running entirely on green energy. It is unclear if this means biodiesel or other sustainable fuel for the transportation, but it does mean alternative energies are being used to power the performances on stage. A company called @POWER has donated the use of a biodiesel generator, as well as biodiesel fuel, to power all the Truth Movement performances. This generator is apparently nicknamed “Donna”.

As well as using solar power on his own home, Edward Norton created the BP Solar Neighbors ProgramTM. This community initiative is a partnership comprised of BP Solar, makers of solar energy, the Enterprise Foundation, created by Norton’s grandfather, which helps impoverished families with housing, and the Environmental Media Association, which works with celebrities to be eco-role models and lead by positive environmentally-friendly example. For every solar home power system that is purchased by a celebrity, BP SNP donates another solar power system to a low-income family.

If it isn’t the Environmental Media Association, something is clearly working to get celebs going green. Ted Danson, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Daryl Hannah, Julia Roberts, and those above are just a handful of the other rich and famous who are reclaiming, recycling, using solar power, and otherwise reducing their carbon impact.

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