CheckTap Can Also Save You Money


You’ve probably heard of the Smart Powerstrip that can help you save electricity and money by cutting off phantom power loads. It turns out there is another strip on the market that will work just as well or possibly even better. CheckTap claims that it will stop you from wasting electricity and save you up to 50% on your electricity bill. If you don’t know already, having your electronics plugged into an outlet and powered off, does not mean those gadgets are not still drawing electricity to them. The new invention called the CheckTap will automatically cut off the idle equipment without even having to turn off the device or unplugging it, thus cutting down the amount of electricity used drastically.

How to use it?

Install the software on your PC and then plug in the PC and peripherals into the CheckTap. The software and CheckTap keeps tabs on when you are drawing energy to the PC or one of the peripherals that you are not using and will shut it down.

The software will let you know how much you’ve saved and show the equivalent reduction of CO2 emissions reduced.

The makers of this nefty invention claim a pay-back period of within 6 months. Anything saved after that, is money in your pocket.



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  1. Just a suggestion from a user of solar panels. Ours is having a grounding problem. I had to use Bush “diplomacy” to get the co. to send someone. The central A.C. had been shot too.
    What is amazing is the lack of an electronic written schemata of the electronics so the next tech person can find out what the installers did.

    I’ve never seen something as primitive as this ;P)

    Thanks for your inspiring work, Susan.

  2. Tina - I’m glad everything finally got worked out with them!

  3. great article

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