Cherry Girl and Her Upcoming Challenge to MTV and Their Audience


Signed up by MTV earlier this year, Cherry Girl was introduced to a worldwide audience as part of their commitment to social and environmental responsibility. Cherry Girl seeks to inspire a smart, playful, environmentally positive way of living that is relevant to the lives and aspirations of her generation.  c-users-public02-desktop-cherry_girls_select_stills-cherrygirl00518She is a new surreal/beautiful character launched  across MTV globally and is their new face for positive living. Her actions are always fun and enjoyable but importantly leave a positive trace on the people and the planet around her.

For Cherry Girl’s latest initiative she was given a unique Gibson guitar by MTV, one of only 25 ever made and crafted using sustainable methods, and is going to give it to the person who shows her the most intelligent, fun and innovative effort they have made to improve their environment.

The challenge  will continue until the end of August.

Artists such as Russell Brand, Metallica, John Legend, Snow Patrol, Macey Gray and more have signed the guitar. Cherry Girl interviewed Nickelback to find out what efforts they make to improve their environment….this will go on her blog in the coming weeks - they are making some really nice efforts.

She debuted in a 60 second film by Ridley Scott Associates aired across MTV channels worldwide and will be spreading her message over the course of the coming year, from events to her blog postings and more…but always leaving a positive trace behind her and inspiring people to make their own positive efforts.

Live Earth just released their first newsletter counting down to the next Live Earth featuring Cherry Girl.

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