Drink (Eco) Responsibly

McCormick Distillery has launched Vodka 360 which is crafted from a philosophy of eco-awareness and corporate responsibility. First, the labels and the tags on the bottles are made from 100% post-consumer waste paper. The bottles are made with 85% recycled glass. Attached to each bottle is a tag which contains a pre-paid envelope. Once the bottle is empty simply send back the swingtop from the bottle and for every returned top, Vodka 360 will donate $1.00 to an environmental cause. The program is called the “360 Close the Loop Program.”

In addition to the packaging and bottling, the distilling “process used to create the vodka is highly energy efficient, with nothing going to waste.” According to the company, the “vodka is quadruple distilled through a process that the company says “reduces the use of fossil fuel energy by 21%.”

Finally, the company itself is eco-friendly. They have their own recycling center and they recycle anything that is recyclable. They have eliminated the use or paper towels, Styrofoam and plastic cups and utensils; and they even reuse the plastic bags that are included in shipments as garbage bags. Visit their Site for a list of rotating “Eco-Factoids” such as “the average person generates 4.5 lbs of trash a day.”

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3 Responses to “Drink (Eco) Responsibly”

  1. This is a very kewl dea. Unfortunately, I don’t drink any alcohol.

  2. What a brilliant idea, can I get this in the UK??

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