DSI Energy Saver Green Power Strip

dsintl_2077_57907121This product provides the benefit of going green by saving electricity and the advantage of conveniently being able to shut down multiple electronics devices.

This new product “goes green” by using a master socket that controls the other outlets on the DSI Energy Saver Green Power Strip. Meaning when a device such as a TV is plugged into the master socket and then turned on, the other sockets with your cable box, DVD player, and sound system will then be powered on. The reverse happens when you power down your TV turning off the power to the other sockets. This saves on the environment and electricity with lower utility bills.

The DSI Energy Saver Power Strip has many superb features including energy efficiency, economical, convenient, and practical. You will not only be saving money from the electricity you’re not using, but you will also be helping to save the environment. Consuming less electricity will help reduce harmful carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions into the environment.

Product Advantage: Average saving is 16% compared to a standard power supply and this is equivalent to over $100 per workstation per year.

This power strip is simple to use. One button programming to synchronize the Primary plug and Secondary plugs. When the Primary plug is turned off then all devices on the secondary plugs will be turned off. The single one button operation on the main device allows the customer the ease of use to ensure all power is “100%” power off and no wasted electricity is being consumed at all.


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