EarthPans and EcoBees

ecobeesA couple of new green things have caught my eye recently and I wanted to pass them along.

The first is EcoBees, a new movement and website, dedicated to recycling and reuse.  The way it works is much like Freecycle™, but they weren’t totally satisfied with the way it works, which is why they started EcoBees in the first place. They felt FC had too many restrictions on what could be traded, which reduced the amount of recycling that could be done.  So they at EcoBees have very few rules governing what can be traded for reuse.  They do, however, allow connections with Freecycle™ and Freegle, to simplify and make it easier and faster for members to get their items (or get them recycled).  In addition, they say they are 100% green, which means they use renewable energy to power their energy-efficient web-servers, they donate  to projects that plant trees, and they offer green web-hosting.  Definitely worth checking out if you have things to get rid of or things you need.

earthpanThe other green item is the EarthPan cookware set, for sale through Seventh Avenue.  According to their ads, the pans are produced greenly, reducing greenhouse emissions (though it does not elaborate on how).  In addition, the surface of the pans is ceramic based and therefore will not release toxic chemicals into the air if it gets too hot.  They are offered in the Earth-friendly colors of terra cotta or espresso, both of which are rather attractive.

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