Eating Local In Oklahoma: Downing Family Farm

Photo Credit: Downing Family

Photo Credit: Downing Family

Wes Downing didn’t grow up on the farm but rather was married into it. His father in-law ran a farm and recruited Wes. He ended up developing a love for farming. Wes and his wife Kathy purchased a 350 acre farm and have never looked back.

The Downings’ ended up farming sustainably after learning about modern agriculture and seeing that it was all about big corporations making cheap food and often hurting the farmer. They chose to go back to the way farming used to be and are very happy to have made the switch.

Wes will be the first to tell you it’s not always the easiest way to farm. He will tell you that “it is no fun in the middle of the night during a rainstorm to go put dry straw for bedding so the chickens in the pasture don’t get too wet and cold, while the CAFO farmer is snug asleep and the chickens in his 30,000 bird per house complex don’t even know what rain is!” He says it’s still worth it when he hears from his happy customers. He says his hope for the future of the local food movement is “that the parking lot at the local farmers markets and stores that provide local foods are full, and Wal-Mart lot is empty!”

The Downings products include pastured poultry, eggs, Angus beef, and pork. They are very open and honest about how they raise these animals even sharing pictures of where the animals live. So if you want sustainable, humane, and local meat in Oklahoma Downing Family Farm is sure to please.

You can find Downing Farm Family’s products in many stores in Oklahoma including Native Roots Market in Norman. Be sure to try their wonderful food soon!

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  1. As I struggle to find (and afford) the scarce and sometimes far pricier organic and sustainably farmed food options for my family, I can truly appreciate the success of the Downing farm. We have a similar (CSA) farm in a nearby community in PA.
    Thanks for sharing this story and all the best to the Downing family. I’m working on helping consumers to go green with other (non-food) shopping at and would love to hear more about similar efforts to promote responsible shopping (both in and out of the farmers market)!

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