4-7Just lately, it seems that environmental concerns are in the media more than ever. Maybe it’s because a struggling economy is the best time to get people to reuse things? I don’t know, but whatever the reason, I have been swamped recently with requests to write environmental articles on everything from how to make a kitchen greener to how to recycle water to the eco-friendly benefits of buying organic tea.

If I had to give this recent excess of green interest a name, I guess I would call it eco-fever. Like, I said, I don’t know if all the interest is coming from a desire to reduce and reuse for financial reasons – and I don’t really care! If it’s getting people to waste less and recycle more, I am okay with it. For me, one of the perks of doings these articles is that I get to research some great green products and advertise those companies that are doing their part for Mother Earth.

And there are a lot of eco-friendly companies out there! So many more companies are selling green products than there were only a few years ago. I am fairly certain that I could make a whole paragraph out of just links to them. There are catch-all stores, specialty shops, and ones who just sell one or two core items.

I think one of my favorites so far is Green Home, though. They seem to have one of the widest ranges of available accessories and appliances, for just about every room in your house – and your yard as well. GH sells some pretty amazing products that either can be recycled, have been recycled or that don’t need to be recycled because they are reusable or even biodegradable. The variety is rather stunning. It would seem they have something for everyone, from the “weekend warrior” type who just wants to do a small green thing to make himself feel better, all the way to the hardcore “green-freak” who wants every aspect of her life to be ecologically sound. In other words, you could spend anywhere from $4 to $4000 on one item from their website.

Another benefit to writing so much about going green is that it is giving me ideas for my own life. I’ve been inspired by more than one eco-friendly product I’ve researched. Hm, I guess maybe I’ve caught the eco-fever myself!

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