Ecocide in El Caura


The region known as El Caura, located in south Venezuelan jungle, holds 17% of all floral species in the entire country, and it’s also the home of 32% of national fauna diversity. In addition, seven indigenous groups live in the 5 million acre reserve. This area is officially protected by the government since it contains the oldest ecosystems on the planet: Tepuy (you may have seen it in the Disney movie “Up”).  It also holds one of the most important water and forest reservoirs in the world.

This region is actually affected by illegal mining industry. By 2006 there were at least 600 illegal miners exploring the area for gold and diamonds, nowadays there are more than 3000. Scientist estimate the mercury contamination in Caura river is close t0 80%. This ecocide has affected the indigenous people living in the region.  Leporine lip cases from mercury contamination are on the  among children, as well as malaria as a result of erosion and unattended water wells left by miners.

Last week the national government created a strategy called Operación Caura, aimed to end the illegal mining industry. Official sources state that at least 2.126 illegal miners have been evicted from the region. Environmentalists  say it is a positive but late move, since the contaminated water consumption already affected the lives of indigenous animals and plants coexisting in El Caura.

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