Enjoy Your Wine While Helping the Planet!

99860lEnjoy the world’s first offering of fine wines in PET* bottles, delivering all the quality of glass bottles with a 50% lower carbon footprint and the convenience of a lightweight, unbreakable bottle. A fruit-forward Merlot, a lush Rhône red and a bright fruity Pinot Noir are brought to you in this 100% recycled and recyclable gift box.

Additionally, 10% of this product’s retail price goes to the EarthEra Renewable Energy Trust where every penny is used to build renewable energy facilities in the United States. EarthEra also carbon balances the shipment of this product from the winery to you.

So sit back and enjoy your wine knowing you are helping the planet!

World Class Wine from Boisset Family Estates

Fog Mountain 2006 Merlot: Fog Mountain is a wine that evokes the cooling fog of California’s hillside vineyards, in a provocative 1-liter PET bottle offering 33% more wine – two extra glasses – than a standard 750ml bottle. Dark ruby color. Aromas of raspberry jam. Mouth-filling black cherry, dusty chocolate, and blackberry flavors finish soft with ripe plum notes.

Louis Bernard 2007 Bonus Passus Côtes du Rhône: “Bonus Passus” is the former Latin name of the 12th century Chartreuse de Bonpas. Today it is the home of Louis Bernard, located at the gateway of Avignon at a bon passage (good crossing point) across the Durance River. Ruby red color. Red berry fruit flavors, lush mouthfeel, lovely balance, and a long finish. Great on its own or with barbeque! Blend: 80% Grenache, 12% Syrah, 8% Mourvèdre.

Yellow Jersey 2007 Pinot Noir 2007: Yellow Jersey Pinot Noir is a bright, fruity red wine from the South of France. Deep ruby red. Blackcurrant aromas add complexity and finesse. Soft tannins and perfect fruit balance, with a silky finish. Perfect with grilled fish or veal.

Building A Clean Energy Future
Ten percent of this product’s retail price is directed to the EarthEra Renewable Energy Trust where every penny builds more renewable energy facilities, such as wind and solar, across the nation. EarthEra also carbon balances the shipment of this product to you.

*PET is a lightweight and safe alternative to the traditional bottle, weighing 90% less and requiring less energy to produce, ship and recycle. PET is widely recycled into valuable new products like fleece jackets, carpet fibers or new bottles.

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  1. Wine’s a great object to advertise green environment with. Wine’s one of the very few solid things we can assure of keeping in our struggle to lower carbon emissions by lowering the supply of meat products at its most possible level.

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