Environmental Awareness Concert Series Uses Biodiesel, Solar-Powered Train for Sole Transportation!


Green Train Project Foundation - It’s kind of like the Peace Train, but more environmentally friendly.

In order to promote greener living, the Green Train Project, founded by Bob Wolf, tour kicks off in April 2010 and will embark on a ten-week cross country journey that will include 28 states, 8 major performances, and dozens of smaller “whistle stop” acoustic sets along its route from Portland, Oregon to Washington D.C.

Although the sites for the performances are tentatively set, details on who will perform with the Green Train are to be released closer to the beginning of the ride. Many world famous musicians have shown support for the tour, including folk singer and activist Willie Nelson, who has also been heavily involved in the marketing and erection of biodiesel fuel plants that will power the actual train. Top performing artists who have also shown a strong interest include actress and crooner Cher, the Indigo Girls, Dave Matthews Band, Vince Gill, Collective Soul, Kris Kristofferson, and Jewel.

Proprietor of the operation, Bob Wolf, decided to use the green train as the means for spreading to the message due to the embedded history of the green machine in the United States as a symbol of unity. He also chose the green train to mimic the whistle stop mechanics of early politicians as a mean to reach greater numbers of the local population with a message.

The green train itself will run on biodiesel fuel and use solar energy to replenish in between stops. It will be comprised of at least 20 cars including two flatbed acoustical stages where the “whistle stop” performances will be held. The Green Train will also carry other celebrities, athletes, scientists, actors, activists, environmentalists, and media, who will speak in between the performances publically or via satellite discussing and educating viewers on tips and benefits for greener living.

Sites for the major performances include Portland, Denver, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Charlotte, New York, and Washington D.C., while the smaller performances are scheduled in Sacramento, Atlanta, Boston, and Memphis.

The Green Train tour is also scheduled to revive in Europe in 2010 as well as run simultaneous tours across each continent in 2011.

The Green Machine

On an everyday basis, the train has become nothing more than an inconvenient stop on the way to work. With the industry taking more of a focus on being more environmentally friendly, people’s conception of this loud and noxious contraption may soon change.

The new generations of green machine are expected to use 20 to 30% energy and run on biodiesel fuel and solar power. The Grona Taget or Green Train which was manufactured by the engineering company Bombardier has a recorded top speed of

183 mph and meets the requirements of existing models.

Preliminary testing on an existing Swedish railroad concludes that the green machine can realistically meet its aim of lowering energy consumption by up to 30% by making strategic changes to Bombardier’s existing models. According to reliable sources the green train also has already broken two previous speed records in Sweden.

Although there are green machines in Europe similar to the Swedish developed ones, the new models are projected to be even faster and more energy efficient than the existing ones. It has become sort of an obsession. European governments have urged the use of bio-gas as a replacement for fossil fuels, and Sweden is at the forefront of this movement.

A green machine that runs on biogas is even greener than electric green trains which draw energy from unclean power sources as well as coming with the negative aspects of generating electricity in general. The switch from fossil fuels which are the major cause of pollution has been a breakthrough in slowing the deterioration of the earth. And although biodiesel is more expensive to produce than regular diesel, Swedish engineers don’t seem to have a problem with spending millions in an attempt to make green trains at the cutting edge of technology yet again.

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  1. I’m looking forward to the concerts!!! Only thing, though, you must be working off some old material. If you go to their Facebook page, it’s now a 10-week 28-state tour!

  2. Thanks….made the change. Got2BeGreen

  3. A friend gave this link to me, and WOW. WOW! I can’t belive that we are having a big tour concert for every age and every kind of music lover! This will be so cool, I want to get involved!

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