Flip & Tumble Next Time You Grocery Shop


These cute and stylish reusable bags are convenient due to their ability to roll up into a ball the size of a small peach and hold up to 25 pounds! These $12 “24-7″ bags come from Flip & Tumble and offer a solution for the majority of consumers who own cloth bags but forget to bring them to the grocery store (I’m guilty of this too). The ingenious idea was thought up when even the creators of the bag kept forgetting their own cloth bags. To solve the problem, they interviewed other shoppers and found everyone shared a common reason for the lack of using a cloth bag….because they would forget to bring it. So, the great product idea was then born and now, transformed into an idea that reminds me of those Popple toys (remember those in the 80’s? - I still have mine!) where you roll it into a ball. Except these are a lot smaller, so small they can fit in your car cup holder, the palm of your hand or purse.

The colors available are teal, neon lime, brown and black. I received a green one…and it was cute. I love my cloth bags, but this one is much more fashionable. I didn’t mind showing it off at the grocery store. It certainly makes an impression and I can even bring it to the beach with me.



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