Free Green Electricity From Your Existing Grid?

wind-turbineOn Squidoo we found an article that caught our attention. It is titled
FREE “Green” electricity! Forever. From your existing grid. Without building a windmill, installing solar, or anything like that…

According to the author, Mark Boehm:

Everybody who cares even the tiniest bit about our home planet has probably looked into the cost differential between high CO2 (high-polluting) energy rates and “Green” or renewable energy plans. Most often, you wage a battle with your conscience about just how MUCH more you’re willing to pay in order to use renewable energy, which always costs more on a $/KwH basis. Maybe you’ve even lost that battle. Well, I’d like to tell you how to reduce your cost of Green electricity to zero. That’s right, zilch. Nada.

It’s also important to understand (just a little bit about) what it means to buy “Green” energy in the first place. Chances are, that your local energy retailer doesn’t actually produce ANY Green energy. Truthfully, there are only so many wind farms. What actually happens, is you pay (a bit extra) for your Green plan, and your provider then goes into the energy marketplace and purchases “credits” from a bona-fide Green energy producer. That’s how somebody in say, Dallas, can purchase Green energy from a wind farm in say, West Texas….

If you are interested in reading the rest of the article visit Squidoo.

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  1. Surpsiring to think of something like that

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