Freeze-at-home ice cream: Have the enviros gone too far?

A thankfully frozen cone of Ben & Jerry's.

A thankfully frozen cone of Ben & Jerry's.

This one makes sense, but it also invites concern.

They call it eco-friendly ice cream. It’s sold unfrozen.

That way, it doesn’t have to be made and transported frozen, loaded into the freezer section, then taken from the store to your home to go back into the freezer.

It takes energy to keep delicious ice cream frozen, and that energy comes largely from fossil fuels in the United States. And those freezer trucks that transport the goods don’t run on good humor.

So you just buy this ice cream unfrozen, and wait a while.

Unilever, the world’s largest producer of ice cream, is working to develop the low-carbon variety, according to Trend Hunter Magazine.

It could eliminate a lot of greenhouse gas emissions.

But there’s a potential problem: What about those cravings? What about when you just have to have ice cream right away and you drive your hybrid to the local food store to get your fix?

How long does it take to freeze a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Chubby Hubby, for instance?

On the other hand, we’ve been freezing at home for years with Fla-vor-ice, and that seems to have worked out OK.

(Image Credit: Collin Anderson, via Flickr.)

3 Responses to “Freeze-at-home ice cream: Have the enviros gone too far?”

  1. I am part of a green mortgage business and sometimes we have team ice cream parties. Non frozen ice cream would be really hard to manage. I like the thought behind the idea but as a consumer, I feel that this may take more effort than it’s worth.

    Rita R.
    Voyage Home Loans

  2. Or maybe the idea is that the icecreme product doesnt have to be frozen for the whole supply chain (from production to consumer). But then the consumer can freeze it when they get home (if its tasty, it wont be frozen for long). So you cut down a large portion of the freezing… Yeah it wouldnt work If i wanted icecreme tonight, immediately after I purchase it. But it will work for the other Month or so after I grocery shop…

  3. I really don’t think this will take over the whole ice cream market, but I think having some companies do it is a great idea because while it won’t cut them out entirely, it will cut down on emissions. And we’ll have options, which are almost always a good thing.

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