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Give A Unique Gift Of Trees This Holiday Season

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Green Lifestyles - Give A Unique Gift Of Trees This Holiday SeasonKelowna, BC - Tree Culture Association is launching a brand new digital gift card. Igal Rogalsky, one of the founders, says, “I often have trouble finding unique, meaningful gifts for my family and friends, and I don’t want to give them yet another sweater or a pair of jeans. The Tree Culture Gift Card addresses that very issue that I know other people have as well.” Different gift cards plant a different number of trees, like 2, 5, or 10, and are now available through the Tree Culture website [1], across Canada and the United States.

The person looking to give a unique gift goes on the Tree Culture website, chooses how many trees to give, and fills out some basic information along with a personal message to the recipient and a date to send the gift card on. On that date, the recipient receives an email with the attached digital gift card. They read their congratulatory message and follow a link to the world map. There they get to drag a tree around the map and place it in one of the regions where Tree Culture Association has planting projects in place. “Our system registers that location” says Rogalsky, “and we, in turn, pass the money on to the organization that actually does the planting in the given region.” “I received an Oxfam gift card worth $58 for my birthday,” says another founder, Victor Narynskyyi. “It felt really nice to buy a goat and know that a whole family in Africa is better off because of my friend’s thoughtful present!” The Tree Culture Gift Card is great in a sense that the recipient can choose to plant his or her gift trees in their own country, or abroad, where there is a more urgent need for trees. And the best part is that this is a gift that will keep on giving for years to come.

People instinctively know that trees are vital for the environment. They clean our air, stabilize soil, absorb carbon dioxide, draw up ground water, provide shade, and create a great living habitat for birds, small animals, and insects. Trees are also a fantastic renewable resource that provide us, among other things, with food, paper, and building materials. Unfortunately acres of forests and thousands of trees are affected by uncontrolled deforestation and unregulated clear cutting all over the world. The Tree Culture Gift Card is a fantastic selfless green gift that benefits the immediate community and our planet.

Tree Culture Association is a non-profit initiative that was established by Victor Narynskyyi and Igal Rogalsky in Kelowna, BC. Both have a printing background and Tree Culture Association is the result of their efforts to make the industry more environmentally sustainable. The mission of the organization is to compel producers and consumers of printed materials to plant a tree with every print order. The gift cards are intended to increase public awareness about the Tree Culture Association while making a difference.

What: Tree Culture Gift Card - a unique gift of trees
Who: Tree Culture Association - a non-profit initiative
Where: online, across Canada and the United States
When: available now for the coming holiday season
Why: to help those who have trouble finding a unique, meaningful gift for their friends and
family by providing a self-less, green, digital gift card
Quick Facts and Background Information:

  • Founded in Kelowna, British Columbia by Igal Rogalsky and Victor Narynskyyi in the fall of 2009
  • Igal Rogalsky and Victor Narynskyyi come from the printing industry and were looking for a way to have a positive impact on the environment - resulted in Tree Culture Association
  • Tree Culture focuses on the printing industry, but realizes the importance of integration with the public sector
  • Tree Culture Mission is to compel producers and consumers of printed materials to plant a tree with every print order.
  • Tree Culture Vision is to become a well-known, recognizable brand that appears on every piece of printed marketing materials produced for (or by) small businesses, large corporations, and government organizations.
  • The Tree Culture Gift Card is an effort to create public awareness about the organization and to educate people about the importance of trees
  • In Canada planting is carried out by Outland Reforestation, www.outland.ca

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