GlassDharma - the Original Glass Straw - Handmade in the USA

set-of-4_dots_w-brushIf I were Oprah, these would definitely make my “Favorite Things List.” I drink EVERYTHING out of a straw.  Until I saw these I never thought about their impact on the environment.  They were always there, just another disposable convenience that I couldn’t live with out.  But think about how many straws end up in landfills.  In addition to their environmental impact, there are scientific reports and news articles warning us against the dangers of chemicals leaching toxins from plastics into our food and beverages. GlassDharma has come up with a solution - the original glass straw. According to GlassDharma owner David Leonhardt all glass blowing is not the same.  Read here how the glass is different. Not only are they environmentally friendly and safer, they are actually works of art. There are three styles to choose from: Simple Elegance, Decorative Dots, and Beautiful Bends.  In addition to the straws there are a variety of accessories including cleaning brushes, hemp carrying cases and bamboo carrying cases.  Finally GlassDharma offers a Lifetime Guarantee Against Breakage - If, for any reason, your GlassDharma Drinking Straw breaks, you may return the broken straw for repair or replacement. If they cannot restore it to its original condition, they will gladly replace it.

These will definitely be on my wish list for the upcoming holidays.  They  also make a great hostess gift.

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  1. These are awesome straws! I have a lot of them and I always have at least one in my purse. I also love that the company is so nice. I have become friends with the owner and a member of the staff, they are always helpful if you have questions. :)

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