Going Paper(Towel)less.

superstock_1570r-116579In trying to be just a little more green around the house, I’ve found that one of the low-hanging fruits is getting rid of all those disposable paper products. Some of the easiest to replace are those ubiquitous paper towels.

When cleaning, I’ve replaced them with those packets of rags or wash cloths that you can buy in a pack of 10 or 15 for a few dollars (bonus points if you simply rip your own rags from old clothes or blankets!). When covering up food in the microwave to avoid splatters, tupperware lids or a clean plate do the trick quite nicely. For any size mess or spill, save your old dish towels when they start to get a bit raggedy, and use them as great absorbers.

To reuse the rags, many people keep a bucket or bag for the dirty ones in the laundry room. I go a step easier and cut out the middleman – I toss them directly in the empty washing machine when I’m done with them, and there they wait until I run the next load. Don’t want to fold up the clean ones? No problem – just toss them in a clean bucket or bag unfolded and they’ll be right there next time you need them!

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