Green Business Cards

According to these cards are great looking and even better, are green.  For every order placed with the company “will sponsor the planting of one tree in multiple Global Releaf ecosystem restoration projects across the United States and around the world. This will result in 100 trees planted for every 1 tree use[d].” In addition to the trees, the cards themselves are green.  Depending on the particular card you choose the cards are printed on 30% to 100% recycled paper.  They also offer a “slim” version which uses 25% less paper than traditional business cards.  The paper that the cards are printed on is purchased from the Forest Stewardship Council. Finally, the company itself is extremely eco-friendly.  They use low VOC solvents when printing and they do sequence printing to save ink. They also use EnergyStar equipment and recycle all of their paper wastes.  Visit their site for more info.

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