10 Great Environmentalists of 2009


If you’re reading this, you strive to be green, to do something to make a difference, to leave the Earth a little better than you found it.

Here are 10 people worth emulating. They are the winners of the 15th annual Heinz Awards, which this year focus strictly on the environment:

Robert Berkebile, 72, BNIM Architects (Kansas City, Mo.)

For his green building advocacy and promotion of sustainable design and planning.

P. Dee Boersma, Ph.D., 62, University of Washington (Seattle, Wash.)

For developing greater understanding of the impact of humans on marine ecosystems.

Christopher B. Field, Ph.D., 56, Carnegie Institution for Science and Stanford University (Stanford, Calif.)

For his leadership and innovation in carbon cycle and climate science.

Ashok Gadgil, Ph.D., 58, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the University of California, Berkeley (Berkeley, Calif.)

For his work as an inventor and humanitarian. Pictured above, in a photo from Heinz officials.

Chip Giller, 38, Grist magazine (Seattle, Wash.)

For creating an innovative media platform for delivering environmental information to new audiences.

Deborah Rice, Ph.D., 61, Maine Department of Health and Human Services,
Environmental and Occupational Health (Augusta, Maine)

For research yielding new understanding about exposure to toxicants during human

Joel Salatin, 52, Polyface Farm (Swoope, Va.)

For creating alternative, environmentally friendly farming techniques.

Kirk R. Smith, Ph.D., 62, University of California, Berkeley (Berkeley, Calif.)

For exposing the relationships among household air pollution, fuel use, climate and health.

Thomas Smith, 59, Public Citizen – Texas (Austin, Texas)

For his advocacy of wind and solar energy efficiency.

Beverly H. Wright, Ph.D., 61, Deep South Center for Environmental Justice (New Orleans, La.)

For her work as an environmental justice advocate.

Each of the 10 will receive a $100,000 award.

There’s something else to aspire to. Sometimes, the good guys win.

The Heinz Family Foundation began as a charitable trust established by the late U.S. Sen. John Heinz. His widow, Teresa Heinz, established the Heinz Awards in 1993 to honor and sustain the legacy of her late husband. The awards recognize exceptional leadership and accomplishments in areas of special interest to Sen. Heinz.

More information on all the recipients is available at the Heinz web site.

4 Responses to “10 Great Environmentalists of 2009”

  1. That is so cool!Go Green!

  2. Fantastic! Check out another great Australian environmentalist - Ian Kiernan AO at http://www.cleanuptheworld.wordpress.com where he talks baout what every single person can do to help protect our environment.

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